Elected Officials

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We are grateful to Elected Officials who support the efforts of Illinois Women March on Springfield.

Note: An elected official endorsing this march does not indicate an endorsement of every bill on the progressive agenda.

Elected Officials who endorse Illinois March on Springfield
(listed by district and office for State, City, County and Federal levels)

State level (by district)

Lisa Madigan, Attorney General, State of Illinois
Susana A. Mendoza, Comptroller, State of Illinois
John Cullerton, Illinois Senate President

Mattie Hunter, IL State Senator – 3rd District
John Cullerton, IL State Senator – 6th District
Heather Steans, IL State Senator – 7th District
Daniel Biss, IL State Senator – 9th District
Emil Jones III, IL State Senator – 14th District
Don Harmon, IL State Senator – 39th District
Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant, IL State Senator – 49th District
Scott Bennett, IL State Senator – 52nd District

Theresa Mah, IL State Representative – 2nd District
Juliana Stratton,  IL State Representative – 5th District
Ann Williams,  IL State Representative – 11th District
Sara Feigenholtz, IL State Representative – 12th District
Greg Harris, IL State Representative – 13th District
Kelly Cassidy, IL State Representative – 14th District
Lou Lang, IL State Representative – 16th District
Laura Fine, IL State Representative – 17th District
Robyn Gabel, IL State Representative – 18th District
Silvana Tabares, IL State Representative – 21st District
Michael Zalewski, IL State Representative – 23rd District
Elizabeth Hernandez, IL State Representative – 24th District
Barbara Flynn Currie, IL State Representative – 25th District
André Thapedi, IL State Representative – 32nd District
Will Guzzardi, IL State Representative – 39th District
Jaime Andrade, IL State Representative – 40th District
Anna Moeller, IL State Representative – 43rd District
Elaine Nekritz, IL State Representative – 57th District
Litesa Wallace, IL State Representative – 67th District
Mike Halpin, IL State Representative – 72nd District
Linda Chapa LaVia, IL State Representative – 83rd District
Carol Ammons, IL State Representative – 103rd District

City or County level (alphabetical)

Michael Cabonargi, Commissioner, Cook County Board of Review
Bob Daiber, Madison County – Regional Superintendent of Schools
Pat Dowell, Alderman, City of CHICAGO, 3rd Ward
John Fritchey, Cook County Commissioner
Gloria J Ludwig City Clerk, Des Plaines
Deb Mell, Alderman, City of CHICAGO, 33rd Ward
Ameya Pawar, Alderman, City of CHICAGO, 47th Ward
Teresa Powell, Village Clerk, Oak Park
Ann Rainey, Alderman, City of EVANSTON, 8th Ward
Debra Shore, MWRD Commissioner
Anna Valencia, City Clerk, City of Chicago

Federal level (by district)

Tammy Duckworth, U.S Senate – Illinois
Dick Durbin, U.S. Senate – Illinois
Mike Quigley, U.S. Congress – IL 5th District
Jan Schakowsky, U.S. Congress – IL 9th District
Bill Foster, U.S. Congress – IL 11th District